Daytona State College

Alive - Alexander Thomas

I think, 

I am. 

I do. 

I dream... 

Of good times, 

Like always. 

Alleviate my spirit, 

Steer my walkways. 


In this icy cavern. 

There is still light, 

A chance to rewrite. 

Tranquility will I recall. 

Nurture my soul, 

Thaw my heart, 

Ignite my eyes... 


My mind. 

Show me 

All that you know, 

All that you are. 

Heal my scars. 

Pluck my fear, take my hand, 

Draw me to far-off fields; 

Your oases in this parched earth 

Are as shields. 

That brilliant glow 

Quells my broken soul. 

Guidance and comfort, 

I am whole. 

Green returns, and 

I am surprised. 

This once barren land... 

Is alive.