Daytona State College

Daytona You Are - Rebecca Lewis

Daytona you are pink and orange skies at early sunrise 

You are beaches covered in white-cap waves 

You are a sunburnt tourist who now craves home 

You are a spring break party destination  

To some, a dream vacation  

Daytona you are fine dining and strip malls 

You are full of bars and clubs on last calls 

Daytona you are Biketoberfest 

You are hot girls in a bikini contest 

Daytona you were founded in 1871 

You are the Turkey Rod Run 

Daytona you are home to Jackie Robinson Ballpark 

It’s now a historic landmark 

You are Bethune Cookman University 

You are significant in civil rights history  

Daytona you are 23 miles of white sand beaches 

Your beauty leaves us speechless  

Daytona you are a Norman Rockwell illustration 

You were once a sugar and rice plantation 

You are the Daytona Beach Bandshell 

You host artists raising hell 

Daytona you are the Speedway, Daytona 500 race 

You are full of criminals ruining a beautiful place 

Daytona, so many residents live in poverty  

Living in fear of an armed robbery 

You’re a half-way house on Palmetto 

Some even call you “the ghetto” 

Daytona you are a 2 A.M. police chase 

That ends in a foot race 

You are residents facing eviction  

Cause they can’t break their drug addiction