Daytona State College

2020 Fictional submissions

A Second Chance - Brett Jaffe

"Whether it was divine providence or sheer luck, is in the eye of the beholder, but nevertheless I survived this encounter..."

Candle Wick - Grace Neal

"Jason stood there in shock. The color had drained from his face as he slowly set the results of the MRI down. The white lights flickered, and the smell of the sterile clinic hit him. He wanted to puke, but instead, he swallowed hard and sat down."

Metamorphosis - Emily Muszynski

"Anger flashed across its pale eyes as it released a horrible, demented growl. The windows shattered, wind tore through the room, and all the lights died with a great explosion."

The Pursuit - Hilton Smith

"My brother in the passenger seat looks as if he had just seen a ghost. His posture is straight like army men standing in a uniformed line getting yelled at by their drill sergeant."

Un Gran Detalle Olvidado (A Great Forgotten Detail) - Yanina Brignoni

"Buscaba por los hilos colgantes de sus bolsillos fantasmas. Pero se le había hecho tarde. El bando contrario lo había acorralado. La presa había sido capturada y desmembrada a golpes."