Daytona State College

Higher Way of Thinking - Hilton Smith

We don’t have to carry our own weight, but the journey in itself speaks of your own efforts. Life starts off asking questions, then it directs its attention to the purpose of people’s trials and tribulations. Making it clear and plain, people must go through things in life to be an example for the ones to come. In the world today, many face numerous obstacles in their routine lives, but we have a story to tell in the end. 

Exemplifying the spirit and nature of human beings, there are things in life that we are obligated to do, and for greater purposes we simply do them. Creating a scenario for one’s life to symbolize humanity as it is. You must have will power to go the distance, not knowing what the end may be, but having faith that it’s all going to work out for the good. It is like taking a journey up a mountain, not focusing on the mountain, but focusing on the climb, because it is the climb that gets you there. It’s not about the product, it’s about the person. Facing a journey not knowing all the details, or what is coming next is priceless. Not every seed will reap a harvest, but what it will do is teach a lesson. And the lesson is our actions in which we take should never be based solely off the outcome.

Most people look at life and get frightened. Thinking is painting a picture that life is like following an imaginary maze, not knowing if you will be well or not. It is asking a question and making a statement at the same time. It is coming out of the smaller dimensions of life and having an over-all look at life. It is spiritual and fulfilling to the soul and mind. Creating a realistic atmosphere for the mind to take trials and make an analysis, that it is bad not to speak of the things that were meant to be spoken of. God represents his self as “I am” in the bible that is symbolizing a higher way of thinking and living in a complex world. Higher thinking is about remembering all the good things that happened in your life in the end.

Think about everything not just the bad times. Saying, does the good outweigh the bad? One must strive to project clarity for deeper thoughts. Everything is not always what it seems. There are higher heights and extreme depths of the mind. The subconscious mind is correlated to the affectionate heart. Mysteries of the mind is far beyond this world and many elements are incorporated. Like combining folk tales and reality into one collaboration. Your thoughts are who you are and amalgamated into your character. Microscopic concepts are as compact as having a lack of confidence. Your thoughts must be as high and exalted as one’s mind will allow. Higher thinking is essential for one to reach their highest potential.