Daytona State College

Home - Alexander Thomas

One day sat I, asleep in my chair.
You were next to me, but you weren't there.
For I awoke to you, just checking on me,
But I opened my eyes; it was only a dream.

I remember when I had nothing to say,
I remember the day I stepped on a plane.
With a dragon I fought a battle and won,
But I I already done?

Change was spent, snow fell to the earth,
I learned how much my soul was worth.
I lived a lifetime, but to my surprise,
I lived it all in the blink of an eye.

Who am I now? What have I done?
Was I happy? Did I have fun?
Did I find what I was looking for?
Maybe I did, and so much more.

For three years and more, I did not blink.
But now I'm awake; was this all just a dream?
And now, I don't know how to feel.
When I'm home, will you check on me for real?

Though I've been gone for a thousand days,
In my heart, my home remains unchanged.
And like a guiding light that has shone,
I can see now that it's time to go home.