Daytona State College

Nature in Men - Tanairi Feliciano

We are like flowers 

That came from a seed 

We grow our unique features 

That are petals and leaves 

But one day we die 

Then our seeds will multiply 

And our generations will go by 

While time continues to fly 

Notice our emotions are like the weather 

When you are content it is like a bright sunny day 

When you are in sadness it is raining with tears that spray 

When you are in rage it is a thunderstorm that strikes its way 

When you are in fear it is the clouds that cover your sky gray 

Did you know that each of our lungs are like a tree? 

The only difference is that we roam free 

Both trees and lungs exchange air 

That is why we must protect them with care 

With nature mankind can connect 

So, we should treat it with respect 

It’s tragic what has been infected 

Our sins on earth will always be reflected