Daytona State College

2020 Nonfictional submissions

Higher Way of Thinking - Hilton Smith

"Making it clear and plain, people must go through things in life to be an example for the ones to come. In the world today, many face numerous obstacles in their routine lives, but we have a story to tell in the end."

I Signed It - Sharon Mary Clark

"'Do you want to keep him on life support?' The nurse asked my mother. 

Mom looked over at me. I knew taking him 'off' was the right thing to do, but I didn’t want the responsibility of saying it.

Mamba Mentality - Giovanni Torres

"Kobe was a role model who inspired millions of people, no matter their race or ethnicity. Every “hooper” I knew aspired to become the next Kobe Bryant."

My Yummy Gene - Yafeng Lin

"Can after can of vegetables, meat, fruit, and even broth sitting on the shelves one aisle after another. Those canned foods look like corpses in formation for me. I lost my appetite.

Our Voice - Amy Hampton

"He twisted his grip so tight to my scalp I could feel my hair ripping. He hit me with his other fist several times. I was in shock, unable to respond, and the fear was so overwhelming."

The Time I Turned into Solid Rock - Jillian McDonald

"Mary Kate shot up and announced, 'I need to get out of here, the house is going to fall in on me!' We all got up and ran after her out of the house, into the dark of night to escape our house from caving in on us."