Daytona State College

2020 Poetry Submissions

Alive - Alexander Thomas


My mind. 

Show me 

All that you know, 

All that you are. 

Heal my scars." 

Barely - Megan Martin

"Frantic hairs sprout up in places hair-seeds never belonged— 

Lines are carved like wagon trails— 

Pioneering through the fragile membranes of 

a flesh that should have, somehow, stayed 

unobserved, unexplored"

Coffee on Friday Morning - Caitlynn Lawler

"I see you now, and I cannot turn back 

The music of your voice leading me home 

Your safety holds against any attack"

Daytona You Are - Rebecca Lewis

"Daytona you are pink and orange skies at early sunrise 

You are beaches covered in white-cap waves 

You are a sunburnt tourist who now craves home 

You are a spring break party destination  

To some, a dream vacation.

Ghost - Alexander Thomas

"I fell in love with a ghost, 

And soon would I discover 

That not a single spirit 

Could be this kind of lover."

Guilty as Sino - Yafeng Lin

"My first in class speech is about the 2019 coronavirus, 

which broke out in Wuhan. 

11 million people locked down and 


The death toll climbs, 

like vines in the jungle. "

Heart of a Warrior - Alexander Thomas

"I'm strong because I've once been weak 

I'm fearless because I won't accept defeat 

The heat scorched me; the pain forged me 

Now I've got the heart of a warrior, I'm free."

Home - Alexander Thomas

"For three years and more, I did not blink.
But now I'm awake; was this all just a dream?
And now, I don't know how to feel."

I'm Like a Closed Book - Warren Jenkins

"Honesty is trust. I don’t see it as a flaw 

A temper so fierce, I’m kind and then cruel 

But this is my shield, my weapon, and my tool.

Love Over Hate - Tanairi Feliciano

"It's all about unnecessary fame 

Yet people don't feel ashamed 

People are doing drugs 

When it could damage their lungs 

Teenagers listening to wrong advice

And they don't even think twice."

Nature in Men - Tanairi Feliciano

"Did you know that each of our lungs are like a tree? 

The only difference is that we roam free 

Both trees and lungs exchange air 

That is why we must protect them with care."

One of Many - Isabella Griffin

"Your mind is a maze; I am always left wondering;  

But I have heard bad of you through a grape vine."

She is Me - Samantha Strukel

"She’s pieced together by lies and broken promises, 

Hoping one day she will find her true happiness."

The Song of the Autumn - Yafeng Lin

"It’s a song you hum when you are mending 

needle, string, bloody fingers  

try to put your heart together."