Daytona State College

She is Me - Samantha Strukel

She wears a smile even when she’s broken, 

She holds her head high, masquerading her pain that’s unspoken. 


She yearns to be seen but hides in the shadows, 

She’s afraid to trust because heartache always follows. 


Those around her view her as fiery and strong 

Those around her she’s fooled couldn’t be more wrong. 


She’s pieced together by lies and broken promises, 

Hoping one day she will find her true happiness. 


She’s suffered great loss yet puts those she loves first, 

Depleting her needs and wants like unquenchable thirst. 


When you look at her you would never know that she is so flawed, 

Her soul unearthed, fragile and raw.  


Her radiance reigns through the darkest of night, 

If only she could see the beautiful light. 


This “she” is me